Warranty Request

Congratulations on your new Providence home! While we hope you find comfort in your new home for years to come, we understand that minor issues may come to your attention now that you have moved in. Please download and refer to the Limited Warranty Manual to determine the builder’s responsibility, if any, in correcting these items.

Download Warranty Manual

Download New Home Care Guide

For items that are warrantied by Providence Homes, please fill out the service request form below and a member of our warranty team will respond to your inquiry within 48 hours. Please be sure to note the defect specifically. Once your request is received, it will be reviewed by our warranty or field manager to confirm items that are under warranty.


Warranty Item
Add maximum of 10 issues

You may also contact our warranty department via phone: (463) 237-3411 or email: warranty@providencered.com. In case of an emergency, please reference the emergency contact sheet.

Remember, warranties are limited as follows:

1 Year: Workmanship and Defective Materials
2 Years: Mechanicals
4 Years: Roofing
10 Years: Structural

Emergency Contact Numbers:  Subcontractor Emergency Contacts (Click Here)